VERSA Silage Bags

VERSA Silage Bagging and Handling Equipment

The backbone of every Versa Bagger is the unique, In-Line Bagging System, which is an industry breakthrough that many worldwide Versa patents have been designed around, including the design of the VERSA Silage Bag.

Not to be confused with other ag bags made by Spanish manufactures, the VERSA bag is a unique silage bag. This forage bag comes equipped with VERSA patented, virgin resin blends, a 7-layer, co-extrusion design, and features specifically designed for ease of use with Versa Corporation Ag Bagging machines. There is no other bag like the VERSA Silage bag on the market.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 7-layer, co-extrusion
  • Superior puncture and tear resistance
  • High resistance to slumping
  • Low oxygen permeability
  • Product adapted to extreme weather conditions, from high UV radiation to freezing cold temperatures
  • Premium ties and packaging
  • Up 24-month UV protection
  • Specifically designed for ease of use and designed with Versa Corporation Ag Bagging Machines
  • Can be used on all brands of bagging equipment.
Available Silage Bag Sizes
8.0 mil
8' x 150'8' x 200'8' x 250'8' x 300'
8.5 mil
9' x 150'9' x 200'9' x 250'9' x 300'
9.0 mil
10' x 150'10' x 200'10' x 250'10' x 300'
9.5 mil
12' x 300'12' x 400'12' x 500'
9.5 mil
14' x 300'14' x 500'

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