Bale Wrap – Supergrass

Designed for the toughest bale wrapping

ASPLA’s 7-layer film, Supergrass Bale Wrap Film was designed to be used on high-speed bale wrapping machines, on square bales and on dry forage like haylage, also known as the most demanding type of bale wrapping!

  • 12-month UV stabilization
  • 7-layer, co-extruded blown film.
  • Blow extrusion technology, creating a strong, resistant film when stretched both in transverse and longitudinal direction.
  • Consistent opacity and color density for protection against sunlight to improve fermentation.
  • Manufactured using the highest quality of raw materials.
  • Thickness control to eliminate weak spots and have uniform thickness throughout.
  • Minimal gas permeability with a special barrier formulation that reduced CO2 loss and O2 intake.
  • Premium adhesive strength to keep a tight seal, resistant to air and water and achieve optimal silage fermentation.

Available Supergrass Silage Wrap Size

TypeLengthSizeMetric Dimensions
7 Layer30" x 5,000'1.0 mil750mm x 1500m x 25um