Foam Expansion Joint

Foam Expansion Joint Filler 

Foam Expansion Joint can be used to fill the area between any structure and the new concrete that a General Contractor is pouring. Expansion joint will work on any regular or standard concrete construction project such as residential driveways, sidewalks, back yard patios, parking garages, and even highways or airline runways.

Foam Expansion Joint can also be used as a buffer between two unique objects like columns and/or manhole covers.


Sizes stocked include:

1/2″ thick x 4″ wide x 50′ long

1/2″ thick x 5″ wide x 50′ long

1/2″ thick x 6″ wide x 50′ long

1/2″ thick x 8″ wide x 50′ long

*Top one inch of width is perforated to create a 1″ tear off section