Bale Net Wrap – Rondotex Wizzard 33

Mesh Magic Technology.

Rondotex Wizard is the newest net wrap, produced with RKW’s patented Mesh Magic Technology.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Better bale compression from an innovative knitting procedure
  • 33 thicker, stronger chains
  • Bail up to 20% more round bales in the same amount of time
  • Specially developed for high density bales with heavy weight
  • Made for heavy straw, elephant grass, silage, hay, alfalfa and other long-fibered products
  • 10% lighter than standard net
  • Edge-to-edge coverage
  • High tear strength of 662 lbs at a 48” width
  • 12 month Global UV protection
  • Guaranteed run length
  • Fits all round balers with net wrap capabilities

Available Rondotex Wizzard Bale Net Wrap Sizes:

Size# on PalletWeight per Roll
48" x 11,800'1686

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