Bale Wrap – Sigma Sila-Seal

Bale profitably with this high-value bale wrap film!

SilaSeal Stretch Film is a medium-duty, all-purpose silage stretch film engineered to protect bales cost effectively to maintain high feeding value. Use to overwrap all forage types, including silage, dry hay, and straw bales. Sila-Seal Bale Wrap is manufactured in North America by Sigma Stretch Film of Canada.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Premium quality LLDPE
  • Suitable for individual bales or in-line wrapping
  • Puncture and tear resistant with good elongation​

Available Sigma Sila-Seal Silage Wrap Sizes

LengthSizeMetric Dimensions
20” x 6,000’1.0 mil508mm x 1825m x 25.4um
30" x 5,000'1.0 mil743mm x 1500m 25.4um
30" x 4,100'1.2 mil750mm x 1250m 30.5um
30" x 3,300'1.5 mil750mm x 1000m 38.1um

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