Hay Preservative – Hay Fresh

Keep hay fresher by preventing mold!

Liquid Hay Preservative Treatment is used to decrease dust and help maintain the color and fresh smell of hay. Preventing mold growth allows for safe baling at a higher moisture content, keeping more leaf in the bale and maintaining higher feeding value. Propionic acid is widely accepted as an effective mold-inhibitor for forage, and is effective against toxin-producing Aspergillus mold. AgroChem HayFresh Hay Preservative is a proprietary blend of propionic acid and other organic acids with a safe surfactant that prevents liquid beading to ensure proper coverage. Empty totes do not need to be returned.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 68% buffered propionic acid mold inhibitor
  • Inhibits mold, decreases dust and leaf loss
  • Keeps hay greener, fresher and more palatable

Available Hay Fresh Hay Treatment Sizes

Size# on PalletWeight per Item
450lbs Barrels4450
2350lbs Totes12350

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