Bale Wrap – Sigma-Super Seal

Bale profitably with this high-value bale wrap film!

Super Seal Stretch Film is a medium-duty, all-purpose silage stretch film engineered to protect bales cost effectively to maintain high feeding value. Use to overwrap all forage types, including silage, dry hay, and straw bales. Super Seal Bale Wrap is manufactured in North America by Sigma Stretch Film of Canada.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Premium quality LLDPE
  • Suitable for individual bales or in-line wrapping
  • Puncture and tear resistant with good elongation​

Available Sigma Super Seal Silage Wrap Sizes

LengthSizeMetric Dimensions
30" x 5,000'1.0 mil743mm x 1500m 25.4um
30" x 4,100'1.2 mil750mm x 1250m 30.5um
30" x 3,300'1.5 mil750mm x 1000m 38.1um

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