Bale Net Wrap – Cordex NETEXX

Bale faster and better than with baler twine!

This  round bale net wrap can be used in all makes and models of round baling machines to produce tighter, more uniform bales than with baler twine. Compared to twine, net wrap lets you produce 30%+ more bales per hour, with significantly lower leaf loss. Cordex is an ISO 9000 certified company with strict and independently audited quality control.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Side to side bale coverage
  • Premium polyethylene with UV protection
  • Minimum length guarantee
  • Easy reloading
  • Reusable handles

Available Cordex Bail Net Wrap Sizes

Size# on PalletWeight per Roll
Cordex Bale Net
48" x 9,840'1673
48" x 11,800'1686
51" x 9,840'1677
51" x 11,800'1692
64" x 7,000'1669
64" x 8,800'1686
67" x 7,000'1672
67" x 8,000'1682

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