Bale Net Wrap – Cordex NETEXXTREME

Double reinforced center to meet your baling challenge!

Most of the energy in a round bale is centered right in the middle, so the experts at Cordex created NETEXX XTREME Net Wrap with a double reinforced center for forages that are challenging to bale. Properly net wrapped round bales have significantly better bale integrity with up to 65% less loss during storage and handling compared to bales with twine. Manufacturer Cordex is an ISO 9000 certified company whose strict quality control is independently verified.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Side to side coverage on round bales
  • UV protected premium polyethylene
  • Minimum length guarantee
  • Easily reloads
  • Handles are reusable

Available Cordex XTREME Bale Net Wrap Sizes

Size# on PalletWeight per Roll
48" x 9,840'1673
48" x 11,800'1686
51" x 9,840'1677
51" x 11,800'1692
64" x 7,000'1669
64" x 8,800'1686
67" x 7,000'1672
67" x 8,000'1682

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