Bale Net Wrap – AgriPress

Precise Edge to Edge Coverage on Round Bales!

This product is manufactured by industry leader RKW HYPLAST, who manufactures our bunker covers.

Whether you are baling hay, straw or silage, AgriPress Round Bale Net provides excellent edge coverage, uniform winding, and precise edges. Using net wrap on your round bales improves bale integrity, with up to 65% less loss in storage and handling compared to bales with twine.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Edge to edge coverage on round bales
  • UV protection
  • Minimum length guarantee

Available AgriPress Bale Net Wrap Sizes

Sizes# on PalletWeight Per Roll
48" x 10,000'1674
48" x 12,000'1689
51" x 10,000'1679
51" x 12,000'1694
64" x 7,000'1669
64" x 8,000'1679
64" x 10,000'1699
67" x 7,000'1672
67" x 8,000'1682

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